PTBO Blue Mix - Available NOW!

PTBO Blue Mix - Available NOW!

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This is our newest Couture Candy PTBO product and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. 

The success of our loose candy container just got one step BIGGER! You guys have been asking for mixed loose candy and we understood the assignment! 

Introducing the first 4 varieties (many more mixes coming!)of 2.5lbs* Couture Candy PTBO Loose Mix bags:

PTBO Pink Mix: Sour Cherry Slices, Strawberry Foam Milkshake Bottles, Gummy Teeth, Pink Gummy Love Hearts,  and Fizzy Bubblegum bottles*

PTBO Blue Mix: Tongue Painters, Big Foot Blue Raspberry, Sour Blue Raspberries, and Gummy Blue Sharks*

PTBO Zoo Mix: 12 flavor Grizzly Bears, Gummy Butterflies, Sour Neon Worms, Carribean Fish and Gummy Green Frogs*

PTBO Fruit Mix: Sour Apple Rings, Gummy Orange Slices, Raspberry Licorice Twists, Cherry Loops, Gummy Grapes and Sour Watermelon Slices*

…and get excited about our PTBO Love Mix for Valentine's Day coming for Pre-Order soon as well as a PTBO Sour Mix and a PTBO Pride Mix! 

*weight is approximate give or take but we get as close as possible for the bag to seal properly

*candy varities may change without notice depending on available inventory in our shop and from our suppliers