Collection: Fundraise With Us!


2 sweet & unique fundraising opportunities for your team, group, school or organization!

We offer the freshest and most delicious gummy candy curated into our fun and original creative mixes right here in Peterborough!

Option #1: Please read carefully

Candy Mixes available for fundraising (in 3 different sizes)

Sour Power Candy Mix: A mix of our most popular and delicious sour gummies available to us at the time of booking (ie: sour keys, sour patch kids, sour watermelon slices, sour grapes, sour gummy bears, sour blackcurrant rings, sour apple rings, etc) *this mix is ALL sour and sugar dusted candies

Gummy Goodness: A popular mix in our shop – everything in this mix is fresh and gummy, nothing is sugar dusted or sour just the freshest mix of true gummy candies from our long list of inventory

Everything But the Kitchen Sink: An ever-changing combination of gummy, sugar coated and sour gummies in various shapes and flavours – this is a mix of everything and a surprise in every bite!

When you have chosen the candies you would like to offer for your fundraiser, please check out the pricing and fundraising information below:

Prices: Small for $5.50 *(160G) Medium $15.50* (550g) Large $21.00* (1100g)  

*Prices Include Tax

Option #2: Please read carefully.

Offer only 2 products for fundraising: Our popular loose candy candy-grams and Freeze Dried original Skittles

Candy-Grams: a MIX of our top 3 candies in a cellophane bag, branded with our Couture Candy logo and label – 160g each – Price: $5.50 each

Freeze Dried Original Skittles – 55g each – from Flash Freeze Candy Company – Price $6.50 each

Again, 25% of the total amount fundraised will go to your team, organization


Extra details:

We recommend your fundraiser/event promoting, selling and collecting for a 2 week period and then handing in your order after 2 weeks with all money collected.

*Orders must be paid in full before the order is processed- 75% of the total amount is paid to Couture Candy (by cash/cheque/etransfer) and 25% is kept for the fundraisers.

Turn around time for completion of all orders received is 3 weeks but we will work our best to fulfill the order before that time period whenever possible.

Organizations will be notified when products are ready for pick up and be responsible for facilitating the distribution. Pick up is the only option but please discuss with us the possibility of local delivery at a cost of $50.00 to one location in Peterborough, ON only paid for by the organizer/event facilitators. This cost will be invoiced to the fundraiser organizer and products delivered when delivery fee has been paid.

What’s in it for you?

25% of the total amount fundraised goes to you and your cause so….

The moral to the story…the more candy you sell the more profits go directly towards your amazing event or fundraising goals!

After securing your fundraising dates with us, we will send a personalized outline of your fundraiser to hand out, display and give to everyone you know! Along with that we will send

the official fundraising and collection sheet for you to copy and print to everyone doing the fundraising to make it easy to get started.

Please contact us to discuss any details and which fundraising option might work best for you and book your fundraiser!

Lets make it a huge and SWEET success!

Email us today to secure your fundraising dates


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