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October Netflix & Chill Box

October Netflix & Chill Box

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The weeks are rough and we look forward to the weekend so much whether it’s for Family Time or Quiet Time with your awesome someone (wink wink)

Our October Netflix & Chill Box can fill either of those voids no matter which one you choose with favorites from our shop and social media this month  

Thinking about Family Drive-In Movie Night with the kids? This box is jam packed with favorites or new candies to try for everyone! 

Thinking more “Netflix and Chill” quietly on the couch together just you and your special someone when the house is quiet? We’ve got you covered for that too! 

We’ve got your sweet movie night treats covered with these 14 specially picked treats (the most of any Netflix & Chill Box we have done!) for the 7th month of curated monthly Netflix and Chill Boxes! 

We are curating new boxes every month and dropping them every second Wednesday of each month so set your alarm bells! 

The OCTOBER Netflix & Chill Box Includes: 

Jolly Rancher Freezer Pops 

Cookie Dough Birthday Cake Bites ✨NEW✨

Trolli Sour Brite Dip n’ Crawlers 

Keebler M&M bite size cookies 

Haribo Sour Bites ✨NEW✨

Reeses Sticks ✨NEW✨

Vidal Gummy Candy Corn ✨Holiday✨

Airheads Belts - Blue Raspberry

Kitkat Cookie Crumble Bar 

Smarties Lollie

Cow Tales - Brownie

Rj’s Raspberry and chocolate licorice log ✨my favorite thing in the whole shop!✨

Toxic waste minis

Chiclets Guy 2 piece packs 

And it’s all wrapped up in our popular recognizable Couture Candy PTBO box and brand new label and ready for pick up October 14th starting at 10am - just wait for the pick up email/delivery email from us!

Available for Pick Up, Local Delivery and Shipping, please choose the best option for you  

*No substitutions or customizations on any items due to limited inventory of hand picked items - what you see is what you get 

*contains peanut and dairy products

1630g total