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🇬🇧Brit Box 🇬🇧 **best seller**

🇬🇧Brit Box 🇬🇧 **best seller**

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Our crazy popular Brit Box is back!

Please make sure to read the post all the way to the end before ordering 

What’s included:
Walkers England’s Finest Original Toffee, Wispa bar, Fruit & Nut bar, 2 x mini Flake bar, Fruit-tella (black currant), 2x Curly Wurly, 2x Dairy Milk Buttons, Roundtree Fruit Pastilles, Smarties tube and Jelly Tots!!! 

This box is FULL of our full sized favorites! 

-all items are genuine imported British chocolates and candies

-there are NO customizations available and a peanut free option is also not available due to inventory and supply chain issues

-pickup begins in-store anytime after you receive you pick up email :) 

-shipping and deliveries (Peterborough addresses only) occur 5 days a week (Mon-Fri)

**in the summer months chocolate can melt during shipping with Canada Post  we have no control over temperatures. If this is a concern please consider ordering one of our amazing boxes and requesting no chocolate in the comment box on the cart page or consider doing a “build a box” and customizing a chocolate free box during the warm months