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Brit Box - best seller

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How To Order + FAQ

Updated October 2023

Hello and welcome to Couture Candy PTBO! Please be sure to read all the way through before ordering for important information. Thank you so much!

How to order

Note: Each cart checkout can be sent to ONE address only. To send multiple gifts to different addresses, please complete one checkout per gift.

For someone else: To send a gift to someone special, add the items to your cart (ie. one of our signature boxes!) and complete your checkout, making sure that the shipping address is the address where you'd like us to send your gift and that the billing address is correct for your chosen payment method.


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Couture Candy PTBO FAQ

Can I send multiple gifts in one order?

Each order will be delivered/shipping only to the address specified. If you would like to send multiple gifts to separate addresses, please create a new order for each gift.

I have allergies, can I still order?

In your cart you will see a spot to leave us a note about any allergies or other customizations needed for your order. We will be sure to check your notes before fulfilling the order.

Our crazy popular Brit Box is back!

Please make sure to read the post all the way to the end before ordering 

What’s included:
Cadbury Twirl Bar, Wispa bar, Fruit & Nut bar, 2 x mini Flake bar, Fruit-tella (black currant),Roundtree Fruit Pastilles, Rowntree Jelly Tots, Dairy Milk Buttons, Walkers Original Toffee, Curly Wurly, Barrett Sherbet, Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Slices, Cadbury Crème Egg and a selection of 3 mini snack size  Cadbury Heroes or Mars Celebrations options (chosen at random) 

This box is FULL of our UK favorites! 

-all items are genuine imported British chocolates and candies

-there are NO customizations available and a peanut free option is also not available due to inventory and supply chain issues

-pickup begins in-store anytime after you receive you pick up email :) 

-shipping (outside of Peterborough) and deliveries (Peterborough addresses only) occur 5 days a week (Mon-Fri)

**in the summer months chocolate can melt during shipping with Canada Post  we have no control over temperatures. If this is a concern please consider ordering one of our amazing boxes and requesting no chocolate in the comment box on the cart page or consider doing a “build a box” and customizing a chocolate free box during the warm months  


After spending more than a decade in a job that did not satisfy me I decided I had to get out!

With a passion for spreading kindness and supporting others I started Couture Candy PTBO. 🍭

Spreading love and support through candy is my new passion!

- Lisa

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