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Pokémon Oreos

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Couture Candy PTBO FAQ

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 Limted Edition Chocolate Oreo's

Catch 'em all!

Pokemon X OREO

Oreo has done it again with an amazing new collaboration with Pokemon! Each package contains the iconic chocolate wafer cookies with the same delcious creme filling. Now, it wouldn't be a Pokemon collaboration if there wasn't a twist...

It's your mission to try and discover the 16 exclusive Pokemon designs on the Oreo cookies! With a random assortment in each pack, you might beat the odds and find all 16. The experience of opening this pack of Oreos is very similar to the nostalgic days of opening a pack of Pokemon cards, the building anticipation of what character you will collect. It truly is the ultimate Pokemon experience

 The 16 Exclusive Pokemon designs include: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Cyndaquil, Dratini , Grookey, Jigglypuff, Lapras, Mew, Pancham, Pikachu, Piplup, Rowlet, Sableye, Sandshrew, Snivy &, Squirtle

Unfortunatley, some pokemon will be harder than others to find, only a experienced Pokemon Hunter and Oreo eater will be able to discover them all. But wait, there's more, in one of these packages there is a super rare Mythical Pokemon...Mew!

If you catch a Mew, many people are selling them on Ebay for up to $10,000! Can you believe that 10k for a Pokemon Oreo?



15.25oz (432g)


After spending more than a decade in a job that did not satisfy me I decided I had to get out!

With a passion for spreading kindness and supporting others I started Couture Candy PTBO. 🍭

Spreading love and support through candy is my new passion!

- Lisa

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