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DunkAroos Cereal -**Special Limited edition**

DunkAroos Cereal -**Special Limited edition**

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Special Edition Release 

Nostalgic 90's Snack Makes a Comeback!

We know how you feel. We missed Dunkaroos, too. The crisp cookies that you can dunk into delicious frosting has been truly missed by people nation-wide... Now, it's finally our time to relive our childhoods! 

Just like the OG snack, General Mills has created a vanilla frosting-flavoured cookie cereal with a confetti explosion of rainbow sprinkles in each piece. Perfectly paired with milk! Fill your bowl with nostalgia every morning with Dunkaroos cereal.

Features a 90's Pop Quiz on the backside of the cereal box along with a gallery of "Then" and "Now" items to make morning super fun! 

Don't wait any longer - It's time to throw it back to the good old days with this special edition cereal.

*LIMITED QUANTITIES* Order today while supplies last*